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Combined Techniques Training 

Choose our combined Polynucleotide and Filler training or our cutting-edge Botox and Filler aesthetics course.

Precision meets artistry in with our comprehensive combined courses. Our curriculum blends the science and application of advanced techniques, ensuring a harmonious approach to facial enhancement. Unlock the potential to redefine beauty with precision and expertise.

Midface & Cheeks: Combined Technique
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Our combined Polynucleotide and Filler training focusses on the mid-face and cheek areas, synergising two powerful techniques for a harmonious approach to facial enhancement.


This specialised course combines the science and application of Polynucleotides with the precision of dermal fillers. Explore the intricacies of facial anatomy, understand the ageing process, and refine your skills in patient consultation and expectation management. 

Jawline & Chin: Combined Technique

Combined filler training course.png

Our combined Botox and Filler course offers training techniques for the jawline and chin, integrating the expertise of Botox applications with the sculpting finesse of dermal fillers.


Delve into the nuances of facial anatomy, the ageing process and effective patient consultation strategies. From mastering injection techniques to hands-on training on live models, our course ensures you acquire the skills needed to deliver natural-looking results.

These combined technique sessions cost £650 each, and include a full day training, clinical papers with resources to supplement your training. After your course, you're welcome to call Dr Andrew Greenwood for any follow-up questions and ongoing support.

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