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Lip & Perioral Training

Lip & Perioral Training Course

Our Lip & Perioral Training Course is your gateway to mastering the art and science of creating beauty, one smile at a time.


This course is not for beginners, instead it is designed for candidates who have completed a basic training course in dermal fillers and have some experience in injections. When working with lip and perioral enhancements it's vital to understand the delicate blend of science and artistry. As a seasoned professional with extensive experience in advanced dermal fillers, Dr Andrew Greenwood will guide you through the intricacies of these procedures 


Lip & Perioral Fillers Training Course

This course emphasises hands-on training, allowing you to refine your skills and build confidence. We believe in looking at the face holistically, considering how each part impacts the whole. Our training will teach you the techniques of lip and perioral areas, and how they affect overall facial profile balance. It is approved by Hamilton Fraser Insurance and Cosmetic Insure for obtaining medical indemnity insurance.

The course covers:

  • Product overview

  • History & science of dermal fillers

  • Anatomy and physiology of face & skin

  • Ageing process

  • Patient consultation & expectations

  • Delivery method- needle v cannula

  • Demonstration on a live model

  • Practical training on live model treating lips and perioral region

  • Complications and how to resolve problems

  • NEW Hyalase training

Course fee is £1,000 and includes a full day  training, clinical papers with relevant course information. After your course, you're welcome to call Dr Andrew Greenwood for any follow-up questions and ongoing support.

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