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Expert Facial Treatments & Professional Training Courses

Innovation meets expertise under the seasoned guidance of Dr Andrew Greenwood. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, Dr Greenwood offers pro-level facial aesthetics treatments and comprehensive, insurance-backed training programmes.

As a trailblazer in the industry, his dedication to advancing the field has led him to develop rigorous training courses tailored for aspiring practitioners eager to refine their skills and embark on their own journey of aesthetic mastery.

Alongside his ever-popular courses, he also offers patient aesthetics treatments for clients seeking transformative enhancements through cutting-edge procedures. Scroll down to discover more about Dr Andrew's commitment to quality and innovation.

Dr Andrew Greenwood
Meet Dr Andrew Greenwood (BDS)

A distinguished dental surgeon and facial aesthetics trainer. Dr Andrew stands at the forefront of his field. Fuelled by a passion for innovation, he is respected member of ACE (Aesthetic Complications Experts) and actively shapes industry standards.


His influential role extends further as a key opinion leader and trainer for industry giants such as LG Chem and Croma, captivating audiences nationwide with his insightful speaking engagements and training sessions.

 Academy For Facial Aesthetics 

With more than a decade of experience in facial aesthetics, Andrew chose to share his knowledge with aspiring professionals and launched the Academy For Facial Aesthetics . Providing a platform for doctors, dentists and nurses to kickstart or enhance their careers, courses are tailored to both beginners and seasoned injectors, with a focus on advanced techniques.


Class sizes are deliberately kept small to ensure personalised learning. One-on-one training is available upon request.

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 Patient Aesthetics Treatments

Discover a comprehensive array of professional treatments designed to enhance your natural beauty and ignite your confidence. From anti-ageing injections to advanced dermal fillers and skin rejuvenation therapies, I employ cutting-edge techniques to deliver natural results.

Central to my practice is a profound dedication to patient satisfaction and safety. From the moment you enter my clinic, you're met with a warm environment where your concerns are heard and your goals are understood

Andrew has a wealth of knowledge on the anatomy of the face and the changes that can occur with age. There is no hard sell, if something is not right for you he will explain why. I couldn't recommend highly enough.

Andrew knows exactly what he is doing. I can still move my face but my lines have gone ... a sign of a great aesthetician. I wouldn't go anywhere else now. Highly recommend.

As a trainer, Andrew is very professional and knowledgeable. I have recently had polynucleotides and I can't wait to see the final results which I suspect will be amazing.

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 A Journey of Dedication 

Andrew graduated with a degree in Dental Surgery from Birmingham University in 1976. Three years later, fuelled by a vision to provide top-notch dental care, he established Greenwood Dental Clinic in Rednal. Throughout this career, he has witnessed transformations in dentistry, especially in cosmetic and facial aesthetics field. He has strived to stay at the forefront of innovation through continuous postgraduate training, both locally and internationally, under the guidance of acclaimed experts.

 Recognised as a Leading Authority 

Andrew has earned recognition as a key opinion leader and CMT trainer for Galderma, the company behind Azzalure and the Restylane dermal filler range. He has been called upon to speak and demonstrate at its workshops. Advanced anatomy training in Nice and London, led by renowned surgeons, has also enriched his knowledge and skill set.

As a member of the IAPCAM faculty, Andrew has presented at conferences and contributed to cadaver anatomy courses. He also serves on the board of IAPCAM, emphasising a commitment to the prevention of complications in aesthetic medicine. 

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