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Tried & Tested: Polynucleotides For The Neck

For many, one of the areas that often betrays our age first is the neck. It’s a region that's notoriously difficult to treat with traditional skincare, making it a prime candidate for more advanced aesthetic treatments. Here one of my clients shares her experience of having three polynucleotide treatments.

Polynucleotides For The Neck
Before and after three anti-ageing polynucleotide treatments. Each session was about four weeks apart.

Why Polynucleotide Injections? These cutting-edge, non-invasive injections are designed to rejuvenate and repair the skin. They work by stimulating our natural regenerative processes, improving elasticity, hydration and overall texture. The neck, often exposed to the elements and frequently neglected in skincare routines, can benefit immensely from this treatment. Fine lines, sagging and uneven texture are common concerns that polynucleotides can effectively address.

My Client's Treatment Journey

Treatment One: "A big weight loss nearly ten years ago and my age (I’m 53) meant the skin on my neck was very loose; I also disliked the way my jawline was sagging southwards. I’d read polynucleotides are perfect to tackle both of these issues, so I’m excited to see the finished result. I'm quite a nervous patient, but thankfully my session was expertly handled by Dr Andrew Greenwood, whose meticulous approach and in-depth knowledge instilled me with confidence from the start.

"He explained the process in detail, ensuring I was comfortable and aware of what to expect. The injections were minimally uncomfortable, thanks to lashings of anaesthetic cream applied about 20 minutes beforehand, and the session was surprisingly quick. Post-treatment, there was slight redness and little lumps along the injection sites, but they subsided within a couple of days. Because of this, it's worth planning your treatments when you have a fairly quite social calendar.

polynucleotides neck area
There’s 48 hours in between these photos - with the photo on the left directly after injections and much calmer skin on the right.

"You do need to be prepared that, unlike fillers, you won’t see an immediate effect, but you will start to notice improvements within a couple week or so. Having said that, within a fortnight there is more defined contouring on my jaw and my skin is looking a little less crepe-y."

Treatment Two: "By my second session, about a month later, I can already notice subtle improvements. My neck skin feels firmer and more hydrated. Dr Greenwood’s technique ensured that each injection targeted the areas needing the most attention. Happy to report the procedure was as again fairly painl-free".

Treatment Three: "My third and final session, another month later, brought the most noticeable changes. Over the following weeks, the skin on my neck looks visibly tighter and the vertical lines have diminished significantly. My skin tone also appears more even, and the overall texture is smoother, revitalised and youthful.

"The injections have provided a subtle yet significant transformation and have made me feel less self-conscious of my neck, especially if I'm wearing a lower cut top. I like the fact it achieves a natural result without making it look like I have had work done. I look at my before and after photos and even I’m surprised to see just how well it has worked. It’s recommended that after your three treatments you will need top-ups every six month or annually, so do consider this if you want to get the very best results."

Polynucleotides For The Neck

Expert-Led Training for Aesthetic Practitioners: If my client's journey has piqued your interest in polynucleotide treatments, whether for personal rejuvenation or your professional practice, at Dr Andrew Greenwood we offer comprehensive courses tailored to those new to the indusrty as well as seasoned injectors. These sessions focus on advanced techniques, providing a platform for doctors, dentists and nurses to either kickstart or enhance their careers.

Investing in your professional skills with our expert-led training can open new avenues in the ever-evolving field of aesthetics. Whether you're looking to expand your practice or refine your technique, these courses offer invaluable insights and hands-on experience. If you're interested in learning more about these transformative treatments or want to enhance your aesthetic practice, get in touch today.


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